Playbook for Teens: Meet fascinating women in STE@M(TM) Follow their “plays” Create your Dream Career

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Meet fascinating women in STE@M, follow their “plays” and create your Dream Career. This book is real-life story-telling at its best. Sharing their career-changing challenges, discoveries, actions and results, the young women of STE@M prove that using knowledge of software or technology, engineering, art or math is required in almost all fields the new workplace demands. Set aside endless graphs and tedious analytics. Instead, reflect upon the inspirational words and imagery painted by powerful young women whose experiences foretell success at a time of great workplace change. Our story-tellers, successful pioneers in the new world of work, have written this beautifully illustrated book to – and for – you in your high school years. Their powerful words will inspire the courageous, offer staying power to the ambitious and daring to those who have been held-back by misplaced fear the STE@M word sometime evokes. For example, you’ll meet a young woman from a poor family whose parents did not encourage thoughts of college and whose greatest ambition throughout much of her high school years was to paint pictures on a pier in San Francisco. A teacher inspired her, mentored her and encouraged her to explore the connections between science, art and life. She began to see other options for her life. Unfortunately, life changing challenges in her family interfered with her new-found ambitions. So, how did this young woman overcome life’s trials and find a new direction filled with adventure, travel and exciting work? How did she become one of our real-life models for today’s teens? How might she inspire you? Well…for those answers, you will have to read the rest of her story. It’s in the book! While the book is intended to inspire teens who are looking at preparing for a future unlike the past; it is an equally important reading experience for teachers, parents and friends who are travelers sharing the road to the future.

Book Details

Title: Playbook for Teens: Meet fascinating women in STE@M(TM) Follow their “plays” Create your Dream Career


Length: 94 Pages

Edition: 1

Language: English

Publication Date: 2014-04-19

ISBN-10: 1499128525

ISBN-13: 9781499128529

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