Mistake Proofing for Lean Healthcare (Lean Tools for Healthcare Series)

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Mistake-proofing is an improvement technology that uses a device or procedure, also called a poka-yoke, to prevent defects or errors during a process. Mistake-proofing in healthcare can improve the quality of patient care and services; correct conditions in the process that allow for errors or mistakes; support ideas from knowledgeable staff to improve a process or area; and reduce costs to the organization by eliminating duplication of work. This user-friendly book introduces the concepts of Zero Quality Control (ZQC) and Poka-Yoke Systems. Using healthcare examples, this practical text explains the concept of mistake-proofing through the use of margin assists, key terms, and how-to-steps.

Book Details

Title: Mistake Proofing for Lean Healthcare (Lean Tools for Healthcare Series)


Length: 109 Pages

Edition: 1

Language: English

Publication Date: 2015-07-30

ISBN-10: 1439837430

ISBN-13: 9781439837436

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