Light, Bright and Polite: How to Use Social Media to Impress Colleges & Future Employers

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Book Description

Here’s what you’ll learn in this book:

1) How social media can hurt your kid’s future

2) Common social media mistakes made

3) Social media strategies and posts that impress colleges

4) Social media posts and strategies that impress future employers

5) Social networking sites that help you shine online

6) How and when to privatize your image

7) How to talk to your kids

8) How to make a plan together

9) Case studies from successful students making a difference

People are talking

“Excellent advice for anyone that wants to improve their digital image and footprint. Essential for those on a job search.”

Lisa Cochrane, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Allstate Insurance Corp.

“Josh has created a formula students can use to build an online portfolio that helps them stand out in positive way.”

– Julie Mossler, Head of Global Communications, Waze (A Google app)

“Josh’s advice is practical. This is a MUST read for those applying for college.”

James Ellis, Dean of the USC Marshall School of Business

“This book will help you think differently about your digital footprint.”

– Satnam Narang, Senior Security Response Manager, Symantec

“In addition to using Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as a portfolio, Josh gives students pointers that helped to keep their information private. Everyone gets a clear road map that they can use to make sure they shine online.”

Tracy Rampy, Educational Technology, Southeast Kansas Education Service Center – Greenbush

“Our kids were relieved to have someone tell them, “hey, it’s great to use it (social media) and you can brand yourself in a positive way for future college, career and volunteer endeavors.” Rather than “it’s bad, stay away from it, etc…” Josh enlightened many students and adults to things we had never considered on the topic of safety.

This is one great proactive way we can combat cyber bullying; showing kids how to do it right and explaining how doing it “the other way” can have a lasting impact beyond getting in trouble with your parents or school.”

Mollie McNally, Assistant Principal, Blue Valley High School

“In today’s world where anything can be copied and pasted in an instant, it’s crucial to teach kids how to be safe, smart and ethical digital citizens. This book provides parents with practical tips and tools to teach their kids how to thrive in the digital world.”

Caroline Knorr, Parenting Editor, Common Sense Media

“Josh Ochs talks about students being more conscious of what they post and using social media to impress colleges and employers. As Ochs put it, ‘every post is like a button on an elevator, having the ability to take someone up or down.’ Anything that takes someone down is a wasted post, he says.”

Colleen Williamson, Senior Reporter, Parsons Sun Publishing

Book Details

Title: Light, Bright and Polite: How to Use Social Media to Impress Colleges & Future Employers


Length: 162 Pages

Language: English

Publication Date: 2015-01-07

ISBN-10: 9780988403970

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