Legal Thriller: Unreasonable Force: A Courtroom Drama (Brent Marks Legal Thriller Series Book 4)

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“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Martin Luther King. This #1 best seller delivers the verdict.

William Thomas grew up with a distrust of contact with the police.  However, he worked hard and made a name for himself as a successful lawyer.  After leaving a ball game with friends, William is assaulted by police and one of the officers is killed.  Accused of murder, William calls his colleague, lawyer Brent Marks, to defend him.  Can Brent convince the jury that the police have crossed the line between keeping order and police brutality?  Can he formulate a defense for a client who believes himself that he could be guilty? This modern mystery and suspense novel confronts the contemporary reality of tolerance, racism, prejudice and violence in American society.

Here’s what critics and readers are saying

“An insightful and thought provoking look into the politics of the criminal justice system.”-InD’Tale Magazine

 “In ‘Unreasonable Force’, Kenneth Eade manages to tackle some important topics for today’s American society: tolerance, prejudice, violence, self-defense. Readers will immediately relate to the main characters and try to find answers to the intriguing questions their actions raise. Yes, ‘Unreasonable Force’, is a fast-paced, action-packed legal thriller, but it’s also much more than that. It speaks directly to the readers, drawing their attention towards what’s happening in reality, around them, each day of their life.”- NY Books Examiner

“Eade is not only a brilliant writer; he also calls attention to the atrocities that surround us, hiding in our own closets. He has carved his niche and thankfully is continuing this series. Once you read an Eade thriller you can only be eager for more. Highly recommended. Highly Recommended.”- Grady Harp, Literary Aficionado

“A brilliant courtroom drama that focuses on relevant issues of racism, prejudice and police brutality and explores them in a thoughtful way.”-Jane R.

“Kenneth Eade’s novel is much more than it seems to be at first glance: it’s not just a fast-paced story; it is a contemporary courtroom drama that raises important questions about tolerance, prejudice, and violence in American society. Readers will think about these questions and the characters’ choices long after they will have finished the book.” – 3 tags

“Belongs on the New York Times Bestseller List”-Donna Ward

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Book Details

Title: Legal Thriller: Unreasonable Force: A Courtroom Drama (Brent Marks Legal Thriller Series Book 4)


Length: 389 Pages

Edition: 3

Language: English

Publication Date: 2015-07-27

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