Jobs, Time and Money: Choose or Change your Career, Travel the World

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“I really enjoyed ‘Jobs, Time and Money’ and what the author had to offer. Because the author is drawing on his own experiences, he presents his advice in a format that is actually valuable for readers.” — Amazon Customer

Choose or Change your Career, Travel the World

João Sousa has traveled all over the world due to his profession as a Merchant Marine Officer. During his extensive travels, he met many successful people from different cultures and backgrounds. In this book, João Sousa explores more than 20 professions in demand, that are well paid, where you can have lots of free time and how you can get them.

Jobs, Time and Money arose from the author’s own personal struggle to find a profession that could give him a high salary and allow him to continue to do everything that he loved. There aren’t many people who can do something they love and at the same time make a good wage, but the author was able to achieve success at this. He now has 6 months’ vacation per year–and you can have long vacations too while earning a great living!

This book it’s for anyone and everyone seeking opportunities: the young person who questions what to do in life, the unemployed who don’t know which professions still have demand, or even for someone who wants to make a career change.

Choosing a career is perhaps the most difficult thing anyone ever has to do. Whatever your choices today, it will have an effect on what will happen tomorrow. More than anything else, it’s our decisions, not the conditions of our lives, that determine our destiny.

Choose or change your career, travel the world!

Book Details

Title: Jobs, Time and Money: Choose or Change your Career, Travel the World


Length: 144 Pages

Language: English

Publication Date: 2015-03-24

ISBN-10: 9789899938328

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