Creepin’ 2: A New Orleans Love Story

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Just when Mia decided she didn’t want to creep any longer, Tre throws her a curveball. Will Tre’s actions force Mia in a different direction? Will Mia fall for a new love interest or will she fight for her first love?

Mia isn’t the only one at a crossroad. Tanya is the woman who holds Von’s heart, but Cheryl plays the game well and proves to be a distraction. Will Von choose wisely? Still trying to juggle raising her kids and the street life, Moonie is hit with a sudden wake up call. Will Moonie grow up and be responsible for her actions or will the streets of New Orleans continue to call her name? With old enemies lurking and new enemies scheming, Tre’s plate is full. Will Tre allow these drawbacks to get in the way of the relationship he wants with Mia or will he continue creepin?

Book Details

Title: Creepin’ 2: A New Orleans Love Story


Length: 167 Pages

Edition: 2

Language: English

Publication Date: 2015-09-10

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