Breakthrough: How One Teen Innovator is Changing the World

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Jack Andraka was just 15 when he invented an early detection test for three types of cancer. After a family friend passed away from pancreatic cancer, Jack began to research the subject. He learned that the lack of a rapid, low-cost early screening test contributed to the poor survival rate among individuals. While sitting in biology class, he hit upon an idea. Then he came up with a plan and budget to put his idea in motion. In 2012, working with the team at the John Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, Jack created a test that can detect pancreatic, ovarian, and lung cancer in its earliest stages. It costs only three cents to run and has an accuracy rate higher than 90 per cent. Now, at 17, Jack is a renowned scientist. He has won numerous awards globally and speaks to packed audiences about his research, his story, and his ideas for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education reform. In Breakthrough, Jack encourages members of his generation to approach their pursuits, whatever they may be, with determination and optimism. Jack shares his experiences of bullying, rejection, hard work, and international success. In doing so, he illustrates how the curiosity and perseverance of one teen could potentially save the lives of millions. The power to change the world is within each of us, if only we have the courage to realise.

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Title: Breakthrough: How One Teen Innovator is Changing the World


Length: 224 Pages

Language: English

Publication Date: 2015-04-09

ISBN-10: 1922247928

ISBN-13: 9781922247926

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